an Overview of JVM Langauges _Pat 2

An overview on JVM Languages

Groovy on Grails is an emerging technology. Scott Davis covered JVM languages in his session, especially on how groovy on grails works. He became an eye opener for many young and experienced developers. Best participants and quick sample developers got their gifts in this session too.


JAVA FX by Stephen Chin

JUG (Java user group) organized technical lecture by Mr.Stephen chin Java champion in First Planet Technologies. There were about 130 odd participants (Job seekers and Techies) assembled in First planet Technologies. Mr.Rajmahendra Hegde of JUG Chennai welcomed the attendees and introduced Stephen Chin. After a brief intro Mr.Stephen Chin started off with the Technical items. He lectured to job seekers and techies on JavaFX.

A guide to Java Programming

A Guide to Java Programming

Werner Keil was a speaker of a Java Seminar, Jug Chennai ( A Java Community) . He is currently a Java EE Architect and a Consultant for Daimler after having worked for companies like Nokia, BEA Oracle, Capita or Legal & General. He has worked for more than 18 years as project manager, software architect, analyst and consultant on leading – edge technologies for Banking, Insurance, Telco/Mobile, Media and Public sector. Sony was one of his earlier clients are where Werner designed and implemented micro – format based tags for Sony Music.

Facebook User Group chennai

Facebook User Group Chennai Meetup

Playing With Graph API, Google App Script And Privacy Settings. This is our third Facebook event and we had such an awesome time organizing it! I think Vignesh and me have really grown as organizers over the past few months. This was by far our most perfect event yet!

Java programming concepts – Part 2

Java programming concepts seminar by Vagmi Mudumbai

Vagmi Mudumbai, director and co-founder of dharana software innovations private limited. He has taken a session about Java programming concepts in Java Summit, Chennai. He has done a lot of development with Ruby and associated technologies like Sinatra, Rails and MongoDB. He has been a J2EE programmer and an associated architect with SAP Labs India Pvt Ltd. He has been involved in architecture and building some of the best enterprise frameworks.

Create Simple Web Application using Java

Create a simple web application using Java

Everyone knows that there is a famous programming language called Java. This programming language has become so popular that every IT guy should have a knowledge about it. In this Java Summit initiated by Jug Chennai, Senthil Nayagam who is an Java expert gives confidence to java beginners that they can also create simple web applications through Java easily. Get Inspired !

Gemba School of HR

Know how to share what ever you do by GEMBAS

GEMBAS School of HR is an institute which aims to bridge the gap between industry and academics. To meet their aim, the students of GEMBAS did a presentation based on “The Management Theater” to help youngsters realize how important it is to share whatever they do.

Graham Visit

SEO Training by Graham Loosely

Mr.Graham Loosley one of the famous Google certified UK based SEO trainer visited Firstplanet and explained about various tools that are employed in SEO processes. He taught onpage and offpage optimization techniques.

The tools are SPYFU, Open Site Explorer, SEOMOZ Toolbar. During the training, the First planet Team used various tools learnt to implement SEO for customer requirements.

How to develop an application

How to develop an application?

Veerendra Nagabhirava is the Founder and creator of WeaverFx and has worked as Technical Architect at Siemens and TCS. He has developed java based enterprise level application for healthcare and pharma industry. What does this professional have in stock to share about Java in Jug Chennai as a Java Community. Lets listen to him !

Agile Software Development

Agile Software Development – Dr.Venkat subramaniam

Dr.Venkat subramaniam was a speaker of a Java Seminar held on 16-04-11. He is the founder of Agile Developer, Inc., has trained and mentored thousands of software developers in the US, Canada, Europe and Asia. Venkat helps his clients to effectively apply and succeed with agile practices on their software projects.


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