TPOSF (Tenth Planet Open Source Foundation) started in 2008, is an open source community serving the needs of job seekers and helping them get their first jobs and or become job creators.

The foundation has been supported with the profits from Tenth Planet Technologies till date.

TPOSF's programs has evolved over a period of 8 years and is designed to suit different sets of unemployed graduated youth.

The growth and success of TPOSF has been supported by great people across the world, many social activists, startup mentors, ambassadors, alumni, partners, open source experts, researchers, philanthropist, and many more. It's precisely this support from various people who believe in the power of the open source philosophy and the purpose of helping job seekers to become job creators has kept us going to reach our goal of create One Million First Jobs.

Tenth Planet Open Source Foundation Timeline

  • 2020

    open source coworking, coliving startup ashram launch.

  • 2016

    open source coworking space first batch 90 job seekers, 30 startups launch

  • 2015

    open source coworking space launch

  • 2014

    6 months startup program, 25 job seekers, launched 10 online ventures

  • 2013

    6 months startup program, 20 job seekers, launched 8 online ventures

  • 2012

    freelancer program to train 90 people set up home based businesses, startup programs initiated

  • 2011

    enabled 15 different NGOs with the help of 30 job seekers

  • 2010 1200+ employers posting first job openings

  • 2009

    free training programs Satori reached 15400 job seekers

  • 2008

    open source awareness seminars and free training programs, first batch completion Feb 29, 2008

This is where it all begun